Architectural Design

Finalize design concept with selected architect

Both the plans for the new addition and renovation of the existing building will be finalized by the E2F Committee and the architect. This phase includes initial concept ideas, input from Committee members, Board members, teachers and parents. Following the initial conceptual drawings, there will be revisions before the design is finalized.

scheme school
Design Concept

Permit Application

Architectural permit drawings submitted to city

Architectural permit drawings will be submitted to the city for zoning and structural review. Other ministries and departments will be consulted as necessary. The E2F Project Coordinator, the architect and the E2F Committee will be working closely with the city.

design_1 permit
Permit Application

Emergency Repairs

While the new building is being designed

While the new building is being designed and permits are being obtained, renovations that are urgent (such as window repairs) and that do not require a building permit will be completed.

Emergency Repairs

Construction of the Addition

After the building permit is obtained

After the building permit is obtained, a contractor will be hired to carry out the construction work. Construction of the addition will begin with minimal interference to the existing school building, its students and staff.

Construction of the Addition

School Renovations

Renovations inside the school

Renovations to the existing school building and grounds are non-emergency improvements that will be completed in a way that does not interfere with the school program.

3-D Rendering Equip to florish
School Renovations